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Isoprinosine is an immunomodulating drug intended to treat acute and chronic viral infections. Isoprinosine acts on the immune system to restore impaired cell-mediated immune response to its baseline level, in addition to enhancing humoral immune response. The drug also has a direct antiviral activity. Isoprinosine can reduce the intensity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the viral infection. In addition, the occurrence of complications is reduced and the frequency and severity of recurrences is minimised.

Alternative names

  • Immunovir
  • Imunovir
  • Inosine Acedoben Dimepranol
  • Inosine Pranobex
  • Inosiplex
  • Methisoprinol

Chemical Composition

Isoprinosine is a combinatinon of inosine, acetamidobenzoic acid, and dimethylaminoisopropanol. More specifically, according to the drug's inventor Newport Pharmaceuticals, it is a synthetic purine derivative made up of p-acetamidobenzoic acid salt of N, N-dimethyl-amino-2-propanol (DiP.PAcBA) and the β polymorph of the β anomer of inosine in a 3:1 molar ratio.

Drug Status

Isoprinosine is not an FDA-approved drug in the United States. However, it can be obtained through mail-order pharmacies.


A preliminary study on ME/CFS patients indicated that Isoprinosine was efficacious. Small trials on its use in ME/CFS have been conducted separately by Drs. Paul Cheney, Byron Hyde, and Nancy Klimas. Newport Pharmaceuticals Limited ceased drug trials of Isoprinosine for ME/CFS because the UK's NICE Guidelines “advocated non pharmaceutical intervention for the treatment of the condition.” [1]




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