Author Topic: Learn about virology with Racaniello at Columbia - lectures via podcast  (Read 649 times)


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I didn't really know where to pop this one. If like me viruses are of interest then this series of lectures might be worth at look.

For those interested 'only' in XMRV and/or retroviruses I think it might be worth a 'bookmark' too. Note the lecture in April for example

'My virology course at Columbia University TWiV': 20 January 2012:

Schedule and downloads - the first lecture is already available to view by the way:

Love this cartoon:

I've listened/watched to the first one now and it was an introduction/overview which was fine for me. I hope it continues to be a mix of 101 science and more advanced, but either way I think it might be useful to have additional knowledge (for those of us that need to of course!)